The Rules: You pick how you play and where you play The Flexdeck! Designed for YOU to come up with new, unique games that mix the classics. We believe that house rules are official rules.

Please see below for rules we play by in our house, how to videos and links to helpful resources on the web that we've found! We will add to this regularly - please share your game on our contact page so that we can share we others!


There are a lot of word games out there. Make Crosswords, find words from jumbles of cards, set rule variations for dominoes/card games, etc. Below are a few videos as well as written instructions. Also, here's a list of more word games on wikipedia. 

Video Below: A solo game we like to play with the letters is a variation of solitaire. To set up: make 11 piles of 5 cards each, turn the top card of each pile face up so that you can see the letters. The goal is to work your way through the entire Flexdeck making words from the letter combinations shown face up. From the letters shown on the table, can you make a word? If so, you can discard those letters. Turn over the next card from each of the piles that you were able to make a word from. With the new combination of letters now face up, can you make another word? If so discard those cards. You win when all cards from all piles have been used to make words. Making more piles of fewer cards will make it easier to win. Vice versa, do fewer piles if you want more of a challenge. Pro tip: There is only 1 'Q' and 2 'U's in the deck so in this game, you may want to be very careful about when you use your 'U".

Double-Six Dominoes Basics:

Did you know? Dominoes are actually the early predecessor to playing cards. With over a 1000 years of history, folks have come up with a lot of different games you can with these! Below is a video of some basic rules to start but for more info and dominoes rules, Here's how you can get started!


Pick How You Play

Goal: Reach 100 points between a mix of rounds of All Fives Dominoes and/or Rummy. Use a word game to determine which game is played in the next round.

*Shuffle the deck and deal 7 cards per player for all rounds.

**Links send you to wikipedia overview of rules as well.

1. Word Round: Determine whether to play Dominoes or Rummy next. Players show the longest word they can make using the cards in their hand. Longest word chooses what game is played for the next round. In the case of a tie, use the card indices for hardest word (king, queen, jack) created. After each round of Dominoes or Rummy, repeat Word Round to determine next round’s game. Repeat until a player reaches 100 points (or choose your own point goal).

**All Fives Dominoes:

Score points by playing dominoes that when matched to exposed domino at the other end of the run (string of cards), equal an multiple of 5. For example, if the table has on it the following sequence of dominoes: (2|3, 3|6, 6|6, 6|5, X|X ), and if the player lays down a: ( 5|3) where the (X|X) is, that player gets 5 points added to their score. This is due to matching the 2 from (2|3) and the 3 from (5|3).

Player dealt the highest ‘spinner’ (double 9’s a.k.a.18 total pips) is the first domino card played.

Players can only play domino card if at least one side’s pip count matches a domino already played on the table. If no domino card can be played, pick up one card from the ‘bone yard’ a.k.a. ‘pile of cards yet to be dealt’.

First player to use all their Flexdeck domino cards win’s the round and gets however many pip’s are remaining in the other players hand.


The goal is to ‘meld’ all of your cards before the others. First player to meld all their cards win the round and score points by tallying the score of the cards remaining in other players hands.

For example, if there are two players and the loser still has a 2 of hearts, 4 of spades and king of diamonds, the winner would get 16 points. The scoring works as follows:11 points for each Ace, 10 for each 'face’ or ‘royal’ card (jack, queen, king), the value of each card. (10 (king) + 2 + 4 = 16 points).

After dealing for the round, turn over the first card from the pile of cards yet to be played to create a discard pile. First player to go is to the left of the dealer (dealer is the winner of word round). Player pick up from either the discard pile or the pile of cards yet to be played, melds or adds to any meld that they may want and discards one of their cards to end their turn.

Player ‘melds’ their hand when they have 3 or 4 of a kind (all the 2’s), or a suited straight of 3 or more cards (2, 3, 4 (all of hearts)). Once a meld is created, other players to add to it to use their cards.

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