We wanted to take multiple games with us on a trip to the Grand Canyon. To save weight and space in our backpacks we put them all in one deck of playing cards. About a year later we went to market. Since then, we’ve been amazed by the scope of methods and places people are choosing to play their own. Join them today and get your Flex Deck now.

We are made of eco-friendly materials:

  • Veggie based inks

  • Starch based laminates

  • Aqueous (water) based coatings

  • Sustainable forest papers

The Rules: You pick how you play the Flex Deck. Mix classic systems of fun with double-nine dominoes, word games and traditional card indices. We believe that house rules are official rules.

Below are rules we play by in our house. Here is a link to our YouTube channel with our growing list of how to videos . Please share how you play so we can with others. Check out how Martin from Omaha came up with to play Handheld Flexdeck Solitaire in the video below.

Flexdeck Family House Rules: Pick How You Play

Shuffle the Flexdeck and deal 7 cards per player for all rounds.

Goal: Reach 100 points using a mix of rounds of *All Fives Dominoes and/or *Rummy. *redirects to wikipedia

Play a word game between each round of Rummy or domino games to determine which is played next.

Example Word Game:  Players make the longest word they can using the cards in their hand. Longest word chooses whether Domino or Rummy is played in the next round.

Harder to use letters are paired with the higher suited playing card symbols (King of Hearts, etc.). In the case of a tie, player to have made the hardest word wins.

Word Games:

Here's a list of word games on wikipedia. 

A solo letter game we play is a variation of solitaire:

To set up: make 11 piles of 5 cards each, turn the top card of each pile face up so that you can see the letters.

The goal: work your way through the entire Flexdeck making words from the letter combinations shown face up.

To play: from the letters shown on the table, can you make a word? If so, you can discard those letters. Turn over the next card from each pile that you were able to use a letter. You win when all cards from all piles have been used to make words. Making more piles of fewer cards will make it easier to win. Vice versa, do fewer piles if you want more of a challenge. Pro tip: There is only 1 'Q' and 2 'U's in the deck so in this game, you may want to be very careful about when you use your 'U".


History: With over 800+ years of history, folks have come up with a lot of different games you can with dominoes and the pips (dots) on them.

The Goal: Many games revolve around matching one side of a domino with another domino of the same pip count on it and running out of dominoes before the other player. Earning points.

To Play: Deal a hand to each player, player with the highest double domino plays it in the center of the table to begin. For example, if you start with the Flex Deck card with 6/6 domino to start, the first player must play a domino that also has a 6 on it, matched to each of the four side’s of the starting domino. If they do not have a matching pip on one of their remaining dominoes, player picks up another card from the remaining cards a.k.a. ‘boneyard’. Game play continues until a player has played all the dominoes in their hand.

To Score: add points of remaining dominoes in losing players hand to winner’s point count. First to 100 points win.

Alternative Scoring for ‘fives’ and ‘threes’: add points during game play if the ending pip counts equal an increment of the number five or three, depending on which rules you choose to play by. For example, if playing “five’s” and the second player placed a 6/4 domino next to the first 6/6, they would score 10 points. If playing “three’s”, the second player would want to play the 6/3 and score 9 points.

Here's a link to wikipedia with a lot of great info about dominoes to also help you get started!

We hope you enjoy.

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