The Flexdeck Story:

Sitting in Stamford, Connecticut and in the middle of a very cold December, we were playing video games, dreaming about an upcoming backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon.

Thinking about the long hike in and out, we started looking for classic games that were light, fun and travel friendly to take with us. Cards, word games and dominoes were the first three on our list.

Overall, the normal options under the ‘travel games’ toy category were miniature versions of things. We started to wonder if there was a single deck of playing cards that combined all of them in one.

As a bit of a nerd, this is the part where Mike fell into a deep hole of researching playing cards, their history and trying to find someone who has done this before. 

With help from friends, family and strangers feedback, we settled on the design you see today. We worked with United States Playing Card Company to make sure the cards are of the top quality and feel you’re used to playing with in all their cards.

Our hope is to be some small part of your adventure and fun. Where you go, who you play with and what you do with a Flexdeck is up to you, we just hope you enjoy your time with it.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning or are just joining us in our story, in the most sincere way possible via a website, thank you!