Preparing for a long hike into the Grand Canyon, we wanted to bring as many games as possible with us.

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Manufactured by United States Playing Card Company, Erlanger, KY. 

Designed and Distributed by The Flexdeck LLC, Stamford, CT.

The Rules: You pick how you play and where you play it. The Flexdeck is designed to be flexible, to give you the option to play each game on it's own and to allow your friends and family to come up with new, unique games that mix the classics.

We believe that house rules are official rules. At the end of the day, you decide how to play.

Below is one way to play with the letters. We have a How to Play page with more as well! 

 Letters Make Words - Pen and Paper Required
2-4 players recommended. 7 cards per player. Remaining Cards are bone yard.

  • Player to left of the dealer creates a two or more letter word, no plural or pronoun, using the letters dealt. Refill hand to 7 total cards after each turn.
  • Next player’s must connect their letters with one of the letters on the previous word that was played. 
  • Discard past words. One word on table at a time.
  • If player can not add to make a word, return 1 to and take 1 card from bone yard as their turn.  If no player can go, the game is over.
  • Tally points of using playing card values. 5pts for 5, etc. 10 pts per jack, queen, king and 11 pts per Ace.

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy. Please consider sharing objective reviews with us on how we can improve as well as with where you got your Flexdeck from.