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Manufactured by United States Playing Card Company, Erlanger, KY. Designed and Distributed by The Flexdeck LLC, Stamford, CT.

The Rules: You pick how you play and where you play it. The Flexdeck is designed to be flexible, to give you option to play each game on it's own and to allow your friends and family to come up with new, unique games that mix the classics.

We believe that house rules are official rules.

A solo game we like to play with the letters is a variation of solitaire. To set up: make 11 piles of 5 cards each, turn the top card of each pile face up so that you can see the letters. The goal is to work your way through the entire Flexdeck making words from the letter combinations shown face up. From the letters shown on the table, can you make a word? If so, you can discard those letters. Turn over the next card from each of the piles that you were able to make a word from. With the new combination of letters now face up, can you make another word? If so discard those cards. You win when all cards from all piles have been used to make words. Making more piles of fewer cards will make it easier to win. Vice versa, do fewer piles if you want more of a challenge. Pro tip: There is only 1-'Q' and 2-'U' in the deck so in this game, you may want to be very careful about when you use your 'U". To play with friends, race to be the first to identify the words that are presented. Player to identify the word first 'wins' the word. Player with the most words wins.

Another suggestion for a rummy type game:

  • 2-4 players
  • 7 cards per player. One card face up
  • Players choose at beginning of game to match numbers, suits, letters, domino or any mix of they want. 
  • Take turns playing one card at a time to match the last card played in some way. If no matching card is available in hand, pull from pile. 
  • First player to discard all cards wins.

There is a growing list of more resources for how you can use the Flexdeck here. 

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy. Please consider sharing objective reviews with where you got your Flexdeck from.